Perfumes inspired by the love of a special place: Costa Rica.

A small country brimming with beauty, Costa Rica has mountain cloud forests, lush green jungles, and miles of stunning beaches that are famous for their beauty and their legendary waves. An incredible amount of flora and fauna thrive in its perfect climate, making it one of the most biodiverse countries on the planet. Everywhere you go there are butterflies – over a 1,000 species, from the magnificent Blue Morpho to the ethereal Glass-Wing.

Established in 2009, Costamor was founded by Elizabeth Wright, a California native who spent her youth visiting Costa Rica. As a child, it felt like a magical place: waterfalls, jungles, wild sugarcane, monkeys playing in the trees, friendly people and the ever-present flurry of brilliantly–colored butterflies. She was enchanted.

As an adult and a fragrance lover, Elizabeth remembers not just the sights of Costa Rica, but the scents: the dark rich soil, the massive coconut groves, the sweet citrus trees, the lush flowers, the windswept beaches and the glossy green leaves of the rain forest. In 2007, Elizabeth set forth to develop a fragrance concept based on Costa Rica, using notes from the plants and elements indigenous to this special place. Using her memories to inspire her, Costamor evolved into a debut collection of four perfumes that evoke the fresh, lush feeling of Costa Rica.